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Project Unknown

by Tavares Wilson

Unknowns are cross breeds, a mixture of one of the following:

-Human & Witch
-Human & Demon
-Witch & Demon (the most powerful and rarest form there is)

The main character Paine runs into a young girl named Kai and ends up protecting her from soldiers sent by Dominick Lord to capture her. This brings Paine into the war as Kai is the key to the prophecy, a rare unknown endowed with Witch and Demon genetics which holds the key to infinite power.

Matthew Zilex, an ancient witch and his team of hunters led by Verena Onos help Paine and Kai evade capture. After seeing how Kai doesn't want to stay without Paine, Verena and Matthew attempt to recruit him to the team but Paine refuses and leaves Kai in their care. Kai's powers start to take shape which lead Dominick and his minions to her. Dominick sends the dangerous Bile Degga to capture her but Paine intervenes.

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