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Other creators.

Listed here is an ever-growing roster of people who I've had contact with who have works of interest.

The Hazwoper

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The Hazwoper, a comic book about an environmental vigilante who has no problem getting his hands bloody to make the Earth clean.

Dr. Jim Jimmerson, a former EPA enforcer, delivers his own brand of environmental justice against the polluters of the world as The Hazwoper. His father succumbed to cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange (he was a pilot that dropped the chemical on forests in Vietnam and Cambodia). That family experience is a major motivation for him. Eventually, after receiving his doctorate in Biology, Jimmerson decides to join an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) law enforcement division.

At some point, when he was an EPA Enforcer, he was a first responder to a chemical spill. While on-site, the chemicals suddenly exploded and he barely survived. But, fed up with the crooked political and regulatory system which discouraged environmental stewardship and public health concerns (as well as watching too many movies) he took that opportunity to "die". Faking his death at the accident site, he decides to go ABOVE THE LAW. The first issue sees Jimmerson a year or two into his "death" and his new vigilante identity, The Hazwoper!

Modern Testament

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Modern Testament is a comic made up of three tales. The premise of the comic is taking biblical critters and inserting them into modern times, in essence continuing the latest bible stories with some new ones.

Modern Testament has a different team on each story . . . and each story takes on a different issue. The first focuses on an angel who questions his beliefs, the second is "the Bad Guy," and the third checks in on one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Written by Frank Martin


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Previously published in Dark Horse Presents, this is the collection - and continuation - of Ken Pisani and Arturo Lauria's highly praised sci-fi drama Colonus.

"The future: a dying Earth has been abandoned, the poor and weak left behind. While Earth's elite survivors colonized Mars, its outcasts - the miscreants, criminals, fringe-dwellers, crackpot scientists, and sociopaths - fled inward, to Venus ("a place fit for scumbags"). Three generations later, the denizens of Venus, strengthened by hardship forged in brutality and hellish conditions, are thriving. Attracted by the successful launch of Venus's second floating "cloud city," the corporate fascists of the Mars Council launch an insurgency for control of Venus ... but Braxton, the third generation leader of this colony of outlaws, will fight to save his family dynasty."

Colonus will be collected in trade paperback with publication happening later 2016. Information can be found here.

The North Bend

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The North Bend is a crime saga set in Washington state.
Brendan Kruge, a DEA agent is recruited by the CIA to help test an experimental mind control drug on unwitting Americans. To quote the author Ryan Ellsworth:

"It's kind of futuristic, but a cold war vibe. The story is pretty low-key as you can see in the preview but it escalates and there's some cool stuff later in the issue. The story unfolds at its own pace, but I tried to keep it as interesting as possible. There will be big moments, revelations, and some elements of showmanship as the series progresses. The story structure itself is kind of a puzzle, chronologically."

The North Bend is the product of a successful kickstarter campaign. Information about picking up an issue can be found here.

Let Go

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LET GO is a collaboration between Jon Perry and Ted Kupper of the Review the Future podcast and comics artist Cecilia Latella.

"New technologies are constantly appearing around us, and yet most science fiction presents a static vision of the future. With Let Go we want to show a dynamic future - what it feels like to live through multiple technological changes."

Although filled with exciting technologies, Let Go is primarily about characters. It explores the strange and often humorous situations that arise when the desires of an ordinary family collide with radical new technology. Their Kickstarter campaign can be accessed here.

The Coker Co-op

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Outcasts of Jupiter is about "four outcasts [who] roam the fringes of an untamed galaxy, taking on unusual jobs that challenge their unique abilities."

"Morocco, 3125. Earth is a very different place... We meet Stein, Sulesh and Denarii in the middle of attempting a daring rescue to free their comrade, Persio, from the Burj, a mysterious tower located in the courtyard of a heavily fortified clifftop palace in the City of Seven Faces."

Outcasts of Jupiter is a digital web comic series available through their website.

Jehanzeb Hasan

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Helm is a steampunk drama created by Jehanzeb Hasan, a game developer based in San Francisco.

"Join the mysterious witch Luna Lumere as she seeks out the long prophesied Harbinger, a college dropout who unknowingly holds the key to unlocking a centuries old secret. Together --along with a sundry crew of adventurers, scoundrels, and villains-- they will traverse the dark and dangerous world of Helm, in search of the legendary Bastard King, and rouse him from his age old slumber."

Warwick Johnson

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The Empty Grave: Daddy's Little Girl is the first volume of The Empty Grave series. It stars Annabelle Cutter, the most dangerous woman in the West and the most feared bounty hunter in 1880 New Mexico.

"Most of these bios are in Third person, but I don't want to do that so I'm not going to. Instead, I just want to tell you guys a little bit about myself in case you're interested. I am a native Chicagoan, I was born in the city and I've lived here most of my life. This is my first full-length comic book that I am producing, and it's been a terrific experience."

Colin Westerfield

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Colin loves stories that search for deeper truths about the human condition and why people choose their paths in life. Colin considers himself a student of all written forms and cites Philip K. Dick, Cormac McCarthy, David Milch, Vince Gilligan, Brian Wood, and Greg Rucka among his biggest influences.

"Rob Powell spent his 20's romanticizing hedonism and ducking a grown-up life. At the dawn of turning 30, Rob swears he won't lose another decade to the haze of an endless party. But in White Knuckle Birthday, the price of easy won't be paid without a lot of blood."

Nate Sands

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Nate is currently writing Heavy House, a gritty police drama in the style of The Wire or NYPD Blue.

"(it's) based on my experiences working as a Police Officer with the NYPD in Brownsville and East New York, Brooklyn. I have several stories written; they are just waiting to be illustrated. I hope to publish soon."

Eric Orton

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8:15 unveils itself with the dawn of the zombie apocalypse & the scarce circle of strangers forced to tenaciously prevail in its strange, cataclysmic wake. Dreams come true in this nightmare for zombie enthusiast & Pestel Drug employee Drew. At 8:15 GMT, the world violently erupts into the fabled zombie apocalypse. Along with his coworkers and felicitous customers, Drew must use his unorthodox knowledge of zombies to fight back against the plague of undead.

"Start practicing your head-shots, the zombie apocalypse has begun!"

Eric Mullarky

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The Chronic Argonauts is a graphic novel and associated screenplay from New Baby Productions based on the short story of the same name by the legendary H. G. Wells.

"This brief story begins with a third-person account of the arrival of a mysterious inventor named Dr. Nebogipfel to a peaceful Welsh town. The main bulk of the story concerns the apprehension of the simple rural folk who eventually storm the inventor's 'devilish' workshop in an effort to repay supposed witchery. Nebogipfel escapes with one other person --the sympathetic Reverend Elijah Ulysses Cook, in what is later revealed to be a time machine. In recounting his experience, Cook states that he traveled with Dr. Nebogipfel to the years 4003 and 17901, but does not give any details beyond that. Over 120 years later, we are finally filling in the gaps and telling the whole story of The Chronic Argonauts."

John Kelly

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Solas Comics was founded by John Kelly in 2012 as an independent Comic Book company based in London, England. He's currently working on the Dead Goode series featuring Grayson Goode as well as creating a webstrip called To Boldly Go...

"Grayson Goode begins his paranormal investigations as the killer known only as Ripper reeks havoc upon the inhabitants of Victorian London. Meanwhile the devious Ringmaster plots some heinous criminal act but just who or what is helping him?"

Jon Judy

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Jon has made a comic called Swerve, set in San Antonio, 1976. Eric Layton, desperate for cash, left college behind to dive into the world of pro-wrestling. From there, it was an easy slide into the underbelly of the "rasslin'" biz, where the box office and concession stand make for an easy way to launder drug money.

"Judy swerves you all over the place, but not enough that it becomes tiresome. The major swerve at the end was one I didn't see coming, but made perfect sense when I let it sink in." -Bleeding Cool.

Alyssa Crow

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Alyssa is based in Australia and writes a blog of comic reviews, thoughts, and her latest artwork. Notably, she is in the process of creating a graphic novel called Monsters Within.

"I've plotted out the first issue of my comic (tentatively titled 'Monsters Within'), and the script calls for pigs! So who do I call? Nick De Spain!"

Jerry Bader

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The Method is a noir graphic novel set in the present day. A down-and-out actor with a knack for impersonations finds his circumstances completely reversed by a chance meeting with a look-alike stranger. After a night of drinking with his new friend discussing the possibilities made possible by their similar appearance, the stranger offers the actor a ride home. On the way there is an accident and one of them is killed. The survivor finds himself in the hospital with amnesia and everyone assuming he's the stranger, the right-hand man for a mob boss.

"The survivor plays the role that's expected of him, despite the fact that doubt about who he is, weighs heavy on his mind. "

Christopher Avery

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The Wardenclyffe Horror is latest project from a newcomer comic book team called Caffeine Forge and is set in 1908 New York. With characters such as Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla, written into a huge 92-pages, the book is a sort of retro sci-fi horror story.

"Staring Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain, the book asks a question common in the horror genre: what happens when fringe science goes horribly wrong? In this case the answer is easily summed up: the Tunguska Blast."

Dead Nemo

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Dead Nemo is a comic book studio based in Brisbane Australia. Their titles include Piston, Happy Face, and Binary Gray.

"...a comic studio of comic creators. With a team of writers, pencillers, inkers, colorists and letters we can complete your comic book needs: Comics, covers, webcomics, pinup art, posters and promotional art."

Magnus Aspli

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Magnus is a writer who travels all over europe and is creating, amongst other projects a comic called Spiral. It's a vigilante comic with a female lead.

"I always let ideas marinate inside the skull for quite a while. Several days. A week. Sometimes months. I'm not suggesting that you don't write down your ideas in your idea archive. But for me, if the idea is strong enough, it will stay in the back of my mind, and I will not lose it. With the limited time I have these days, I never start exploring an idea/concept on paper before I'm positive it's a strong idea. Then I'll know if it's something to dedicate time to."

Brendan Cahill

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Brendan is an accomplished artist and comic book writer embarking on a new title called The Inferno. He also has compiled a regularly published literary and comic book art review called Ambush.

"I'm a writer, artist, and graphic designer, based in San Francisco. I created the webcomic Outside the Box and I've worked for Marvel and IDW."

Gilbert Deltres

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G. Deltres and J.L. Giles have concocted an unusual zombie tale:

"Zombies are everywhere. The premise started out as a short story in my creative writing class and has evolved into the comic you are reading now. It works better as a comic because it allows creative freedom with an instant visual impact. As far as zombie lore is concerned, I guarantee you guys that Under The Flesh will be unlike anything you've ever read."

Wolf Beaumont

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Wolf is the author of a vengeance seeking super woman from the past. To quote his facebook page:

"Venezia is a comic book series created by writer Wolf Beaumont. The series is set in 16th century Italy and tells a story of a daughter's revenge, as a masked assassin. As she seeks to bring those who killed her family to a painful end, she makes new allies and enemies in a plot that thickens with every page."